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Weird painting issues in custom controls inside ArcMAP running on Windows Server 2003

Posted in ArcGIS, ESRI by viswaug on August 28, 2007

I am currently developing on a Windows XP machine for the project that I am currently working on. The deployment to the client is on a Citrix farm running Windows 2003 servers. All the user controls I had developed and hosted inside an IDockableWindow were working just fine on my machine. As soon as I deployed on the Windows Server 2003 machine, I started noticing weird behavior with the DataGridView control inside the dockable window like shown below.


Repercussions for not testing on different platforms especially the one the application is going to be deployed on. This time I got lucky and was able to figure out the problem soon enough. So based on an educated guess, I switched the Windows theme from “Classic” to “Windows XP”.


This change solved the problem and the DataGridView display as it should. Even though there could be a whole lot of reasons why this is happeneing, the solution is simple enough and could save somebody a whole lot of frustration.