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Reflection OR Introspection

Posted in Uncategorized by viswaug on September 26, 2007

In my last post I had mentioned the Common Compiler Infrastructure (CCI) being used in the MRefBuilder, I thought I would elaborate on it a little bit in this post. Most .NET developers are aware of Reflection and its API. Reflection is a very expensive operation and should be avoided when possible. Also reflection data should be cached whenever possible. I recently came across another way of getting to access the Type information inside an assembly ‘Introspection‘. This is relatively new technology which gives you access to the assembly metadata like Reflection only without the Dynamic Methods Invocation. In other words, it gives us a read only access to assemblies. So, that eliminates its use in places where Dynamic Method Invocation is required.

The Introspection APIs are not available as a part of the standard .NET Base Class Libraries but can be found in the ‘Microsoft.Cci.dll’ assembly available with FxCop. FxCop uses Introspection to access the assembly metadata in order to perform its code analysis. The advantages of Introspection over Reflection are that it does not lock the assemblies and it supports multi-thread access. If you are curious like me, download this presentation to engage your curiosity.

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