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Writing better javascript – Part 6

Posted in javascript by viswaug on November 19, 2008


One of the most commonly used debugging techniques when writing JavaScript is to use the ‘console.log(…)’ function available when using Firebug to print out useful information to help understand context and program flow. But the Firebug console object comes packed with a whole suite of other functions that can make your life even easier. The ones that I use most often are the ‘console.dir(object)’, ‘console.time(name) & console.timeEnd(name)’ and the ‘console.profile([title]) & console.profileEnd()’ functions.

console.dir(object) – Prints an interactive listing of all properties of the object. So, now you won’t have to find the code block and specify a breakpoint everytime you debug.

console.time(name) & console.timeEnd(name) – This pair of function starts and stops a named timer. So, this is invaluable in scenarios where you would like to have time estimates on processing heavy operations. I made heavy use of it when I was utilizing JavaScript templating in my applications. I was able to obtain the time taken for the processing the template and also for applying the template to an Object. I hope to be posting about the JavaScript templating techniques and their performance pretty soon in this series.

console.time(“Process template”);

var template = processTemplate(templ);

console.timeEnd(“Process template”);

console.time(“Apply template”);

var result = applyTemplate(template, data);

console.timeEnd(“Apply template”);

console.profile([title]) & console.profileEnd() – The profile view of the console tab in Firebug can sometimes be too overwhelming. In those cases, using this function pair will help narrow down your scope of search.

There are a bunch of other functions on the console object too and you should check it out. You never know when some of those functions could save your computer from having to listen to all those obscenties that you yell at it.


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