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Flashing a graphic in the ESRI Silverlight API

Posted in ESRI, Silverlight by viswaug on May 28, 2009

Being able to flash a shape on the map is a nice usability feature in GIS applications to relate shapes on the map to attributes in a data table or data grid. Also, most GIS users have gotten used to the feature in ArcMAP. I had written up an extension method to the Graphic class in the ESRI Silverlight API to be able to do this easily with a simple function call. Here is the code for the extension method.

        public static void Flash( this Graphic graphic )


            Flash( graphic, 200, 10 );



        public static void Flash( this Graphic graphic, double milliseconds, int repeat )


            int count = 1;

            repeat = repeat * 2;

            Symbol tempSymbol = graphic.Symbol;

            Storyboard storyboard = new Storyboard();

            storyboard.Duration = TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds( milliseconds );

            graphic.Symbol = null;

            storyboard.Completed += ( sender, e ) =>


                if( count % 2 == 1 )

                    graphic.Symbol = tempSymbol;


                    graphic.Symbol = null;


                if( count <= repeat )








After including the above extension method in your project just call the ‘Flash’ method on the graphic object


Note that I am using the Storyboard as the timer which is preferred over of the DispatcherTimer.

This has also been added to the ESRI Silverlight API Contrib project here.